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Best Team Productivity Apps You Should Download Right Now

In the never-ending quest for new ways to optimize productivity in the modern day workforce, people will stop at nothing to obtain what is known as peak productivity. The ability to effectively complete all your tasks in a timely fashion has become a desperately sought after superpower among the global workforce. Hence the growing need for the best team productivity apps.

You’ve probably already heard all the usual tips on how to maximize productivity and team performance, like take breaks, drink coffee, work on the hardest thing first, work next to a plant, work with your dog, etc.

Just for fun, here are some tips you probably haven’t heard of yet. . .

Weird Ways to Boost Your Productivity

  • Howl at the moon
  • Eat handfuls of whole coffee beans
  • Wear a neon spandex jumpsuit under your office clothes
  • Limit your sleep to only 3 hours a night

But, if getting jacked up on raw caffeine while embracing your inner wolf isn’t quite what you had in mind, we scoured the globe to find you the best productivity apps. Put away the neon pink leotard, folks. There’s a better way to help your team’s productivity.

5 Team Productivity Apps to Boost Your Team’s Performance

1) Trello

This app helps you work more collaboratively. It’s simplified, user-friendly look and feel has made Trello one of the go-to team productivity apps for those who may get overwhelmed by the complexity of other project management apps.

This beloved app is used by large, enterprise companies organizing team projects, all the way down to an individual working on a side project. The flexibility and scalability of this app are hard to beat.

2) Todoist

Unless you carry a pad of paper and a pen around with you at all times like it’s the ‘90s, a simple to-do list app is a must-have. Use Todoist to capture and organize tasks, remember deadlines, map out projects and goals or just simply free up some brain space by getting that one thing you simply cannot forget to do out of your head and into your phone.

Plus, doesn’t it feel SO good when you finally get to check a completed task off your to-do list? Savor those small victories. You’ve earned it.

3) SaneBox

We all know the insanity that is an email inbox run wild. SaneBox helps clean up your email inbox by automatically sorting and filtering your email for you — like magic. It can even remind you to follow up with people you’ve forgotten about. Psst. They also have a business version to help entire teams get organized and save time.

4) Zapier

Welcome to the pinnacle of efficiency — an app for your apps! Zapier helps you connect all your favorite apps to create automated workflows. Here’s an example. You could use Zapier to connect Gmail, Dropbox and Beekeeper (see app #5 on the list). Then, you would create a trigger-based workflow.

For example, you could set up a “zap” so whenever you get a new email with an attachment, the attachment is automatically copied to Dropbox. Then you would receive an alert on Beekeeper that says, “Hey,you have a new file on Dropbox!”

Eliminating tedious tasks from your day can save you hours of time. You could then dedicate that extra brain space towards more complex tasks.

5) Beekeeper

Of course, our list of top team productivity apps wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our most favorite app of all — Beekeeper! If you’re the type who craves a productivity hack that can seriously scale, then Beekeeper is the app for you.

If you don’t already know, Beekeeper is a mobile employee communication app for frontline employees who need a secure, reliable way to stay connected. Real-time messaging enables frontline teams to come together and solve problems, smash obstacles, and get stuff done. If you’ve always wanted to run your team like clockwork, then Beekeeper is the collaboration tool you need.

See how Beekeeper can boost workplace collaboration for frontline employees!

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