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The New Beekeeper Plans are Here to Supercharge Your Frontline

Frontline Trends Report

The journey starts here! We’re excited to release our new Beekeeper plans: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Regardless of where you’re at in your digital transformation journey, there’s a plan to help your organization take the next logical step. From reaching and engaging your frontline teams, to improving the work life of your employees and digitizing how work gets done, you can truly start unlocking the full potential of your frontline workforce. 

We’re also dedicated to learning more about the frontline experience. Download our 2022 Frontline Trends Report for the results of our first-ever frontline worker survey. 

Why We Care About Frontline Digitalization

Living through a global pandemic has proved to the world how important the frontline workforce really is. While many of us have been able to stay safe during the pandemic by working from home, the real heroes have been the frontline workers across all industries, who have continued to suit up and show up every single day, doing the work that is essential to keeping the economy running.

Our aim here at Beekeeper is to improve the everyday working lives of these mission-critical workers. We strive to keep them connected, engaged and productive. For too long, digitization has been focused on the needs of the office worker and has paid little attention to the frontline. The pandemic has shown us that we need to support these essential frontline workers by enabling them with innovative solutions.

What Have We Actually Improved in our Product?

While the global frontline workforce has been keeping supply chains and services running throughout the pandemic, our busy bees have  continued to innovate and develop new tools to help them do a better job. 

Here are just some of the new features that we’ve developed over the past year:

  • Empower frontline teams to manage and delegate tasks in a centralized way, with our new Tasks feature.
  • Automate approval processes, reminders, onboarding flows, communications and more with our powerful, new, no-code Workflows engine.
  • Streamline checklists, time tracking, and HR processes, quickly and easily, with no-code digital forms.
  • Deliver announcements easily across your entire workforce with our new Slack and Teams integrations.
  • Access everything from one place with your customizable home screen, putting all the information that your frontline teams need just one tap away.

These new tools that have been developed over the past year combine perfectly with our existing features to unlock the power of your frontline superheroes:

  • Mobile-first access to relevant resources with the Document Library
  • Instant clarity on work hours with Shift Schedules
  • Guaranteed and traceable delivery of urgent messages with Confirmation Campaigns
  • Enterprise-level scalability with Locations
  • Instant, traceable, and accessible team communication with Voice Messaging
  • Secure, automated user synchronization with seven major HRIS systems
  • Unlimited real-time integrations and chatbots via our Open API and webhooks
  • And all of this is built on an enterprise grade, GDPR-compliant platform with the highest security standards. Beekeeper is Swiss-made software, with local expertise on an international scale. 

Today we’re proud to serve over 1,000 organizations around the world, ranging in size from 100 to 200,000 employees. 

We’re grateful to be able to help our customers face the challenges of recent times by giving their frontline teams access to the same amount of immediate, relevant, and actionable information as their office-based counterparts.

Does it Make a Difference? Just Ask Our Customers.

These stories speak for themselves. Customers are benefitting year over year from the added business value Beekeeper brings. 

Heathrow Digitizes Operational Processes

Europe’s largest airport, Heathrow, uses Beekeeper as an integral part of their communication strategy. Beekeeper is used primarily for airport operations staff and for employee engagement. Implementing team messaging as a key component of their digital workplace has made Heathrow a more proactive organization to measure and respond to employee feedback efficiently.

“Beekeeper has allowed us to digitize some of our operational processes like colleague shift management and daily briefings. There are also benefits we didn’t anticipate, such as the popularity of employees sharing personal stories and chiming in to recognize each other’s achievements.”
– Mitch Austin, Communications Security Manager, Heathrow

Retailer Wireless Vision Streamlines Their Tech Stack 

Technology retailer Wireless Vision uses Beekeeper as a single entry point to the rest of their workplace technology for their frontline employees. Gianna Marx, Internal Communications Manager at Wireless Vision, says 

“Beekeeper is a huge part of the way we operate. It allows us to meet our employees where they’re at.” 

Wireless Vision is using the platform to make valuable information mobile-accessible to their sales teams in 650 T-Mobile stores across the United States. 

“We use Beekeeper to connect all of our other apps. This saves a TON of time daily for every single person in the company. We have instant access to reviews, commissions, sales reports, recognition sites, HR sites, policy documents, and more!”
– Juan Rojas, Senior Director of Retail Operations, Wireless Vision

Here They Are: The New Beekeeper Plans

We’re excited to introduce three new plans for Beekeeper, each one perfect for customers with different goals for their frontline employees. Organizations on any plan can also upgrade their functionality with add-ons and integrations from our Marketplace, including our powerful Employee Experience Suite. 


The Standard plan is perfect for small or medium sized organizations ready to take their first steps towards digitization. This plan contains all the communication, coordination, and user management capabilities small businesses need to connect with their frontline teams.


The Professional plan is great for small organizations with advanced IT requirements, or larger organizations at the beginning of their digital journey. With advanced scalability options, Professional is perfect for distributed organizations with multiple locations. Advanced content analytics help internal communications teams make their content more impactful to the organization.


The Enterprise plan is ideal for larger organizations who are fully committed to digitization and want to leverage the full power of Beekeeper. This plan can be integrated seamlessly with your existing technology landscape. With the full package of features and access to our REST API, the sky’s the limit! The Enterprise package is flexible, scalable and extendable, allowing you to innovate freely. And our experts will be right by your side with expert guidance throughout your journey. 

+ Employee Experience Suite

Because your workforce is unique, and because we care about Beekeeper being the right fit for you, we’ve also made it easier for you to pick the features that accelerate your digital journey from an à la carte menu: or go all in and get the full package! 

The Employee Experience suite is a powerful collection of features that genuinely change lives for frontline employees and management teams alike. It includes a digital Document Library, Forms, Shift Schedules, Tasks and Biometric/PIN Login. We’ve spent a few years now researching and building out the Suite: let us give you the tour!

With the Document Library, organizations can transform the lives of their frontline employees with easier access than ever before to work-critical training, onboarding and HR resources, including handbooks, videos, SOPs and health and safety guidelines. 

Shift Schedules enables managers to deliver the latest schedule to all their employees on mobile. Planned shifts appear in a personalized view for each employee, keeping them up to date with all the latest schedule changes as they happen and helping managers to cover every shift. 

Tasks helps frontline teams to keep track of their to-do’s, and helps their managers to delegate and follow up on work. This includes delegation, setting due date, creating recurring tasks and the ability to allow any team member to pick up an open task.

With Forms, you can streamline and digitize common workplace processes. You can also create QR codes, to give your frontline teams easy access to the Forms in the relevant places.

Biometric/PIN Login adds an extra layer of security to Beekeeper by requiring pin code, face or touch ID at login.

Onboarding and Success Services

We’re also excited to offer additional consultation and support services. These are provided in the form of onboarding and success services to new and existing customers. You can get access to a dedicated Customer Success expert to guide you in making the most of your investment, with personalized coaching, goal setting, success planning and more.

So When is This Happening? 

The new plans are already being rolled out to new customers effective August 2021. Our existing customers will be gradually phased onto these plans with the support of their account manager. 

We’re excited to move ahead into 2021 with all our customers and continue to build the future of frontline work together. We’re committed to launching even more improvements that make life easier for frontline employees everywhere.