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Beekeeper Launches Locations For Improved Operations Management

Digital tools are undoubtedly changing operations management for the better, streamlining the most essential processes and centralizing core resources employees need most for on-demand retrieval. Despite this increased informational availability and transparency, the challenge to have more granular workforce management capabilities remains.

What if administrators could access mobile usage statistics from their workforce’s use of their team app on a more local basis? Introducing Locations, a new Beekeeper feature that does just that: employee engagement analytics can be obtained on both the micro and macro level directly through the Beekeeper team app dashboard. Best of all, local managers now have the power to create more regular and relevant local content for their teams.

Here are the primary ways to leverage Locations to boost the efficiency of your operations management.

Easily Scale Your Team App

Unveiled during the ALIS conference in Los Angeles, Locations changes the operations management game by empowering administrators with more granular insights into their workforce’s team app mobile usage statistics. Plus, Locations provides easy ways to own and impact mobile engagement on a local level. Across properties, offices, and work sites, managers can now use this more detailed information to:

  • Glean actionable data faster in real-time
  • Better address employee needs
  • Provide better resources more quickly

Administrators now have both a local and comprehensive bird’s eye view into the specific operations management processes. This is a particular boon for scaling; as your company expands, simply add more Locations to your dashboard. With Locations, you’ll never have to choose between sites.

Beekeeper locations feature for operations management shown on a laptop with zoomed sidebar view.

Autonomous Workforce Management By Local Administrators

It’s all too typical that local managers get bogged down by time-consuming approval processes that come from having to run decisions and paperwork through a company’s central office. Beekeeper Locations provides a new level of independence for local leadership to act autonomously and tailor the most important aspects of workforce management. This includes common HR functions, resource management, employee engagement initiatives, and content personalization.

More Mobile Usage Statistics to Boost Productivity

Implementing more local operations management with better site-based mobile usage statistics means global administrators can better focus on comprehensive engagement and operations optimization. Their valuable time is freed up to focus on the bigger picture while local managers can use Locations to manage activity on an autonomous basis per Location.

This gives more granular insight into their users and team’s activity via communication streams, allows for customized navigation extensions based on team needs, and better delivers engagement activities.