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Beekeeper Employee App Product Release Notes July 2018

This month, we are bringing you a wealth of new, exciting updates to the ever-evolving Beekeeper employee app. First, there are a number of improvements to our employee app chat experience. The product team also worked on some major system architecture changes to accommodate for the complexity of larger organizations’ infrastructure.

Among the highlights are the following Beekeeper system architecture changes:

  • A faster-loading analytics dashboard
  • Integrations with HRIS systems such as ADP, Microsoft Azure, and SAP SuccessFactors
  • An integration with Gustaf, an AI-driven shift management tool

Read on to discover our other exciting product innovations!

New Employee App Analytics Dashboard Infrastructure

When widgets started taking a long time to load, among other factors, we knew our Analytics Dashboard navigation was due for an upgrade! The product team has invested time in designing a brand new data infrastructure that takes less than one second to calculate and deliver even the most data-heavy analytics page. While the background work for this project has been completed, this upgrade for now is limited to the Engagement tab on the first page of the Analytics Dashboard.

Along with lightning-fast loading time, we’re excited to offer new widgets and more graphs that display core employee app usage metrics, such as:

  • Activation date
  • Total and activated users
  • Chat usage in 1:1 and group chats with the exception of campaigns, employee surveys, and worker bees.

ADP, Microsoft Azure, and SAP SuccessFactors Marketplace Apps

The Beekeeper Marketplace continues to expand, and we’re excited to share that we are now able to integrate with three of the biggest players in the HRIS space. We have just completed Beekeeper app integrations with ADP, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and SAP SuccessFactors to enable companies to synchronize workforce data from these systems into Beekeeper automatically.


Open Navigation Extensions within the Beekeeper App

The navigation extensions for iOS and Android are proving to be a fantastic tool to provide your workforce quick access to documents, forms, or resource links. Now you can leverage this tool in a more seamless way by maintaining a consistent experience for your users. Admins can contact their Customer Success Manager to configure all web links to open directly in the employee app, and users will be able to browse through the web links without leaving Beekeeper.

Gustaf: AI Shift Management

Another exciting addition to our Marketplace, the Gustaf shift management app leverages the latest in chabot technology to virtually handle the complete shift coverage lifecycle. Gustaf enables companies to automate the process of finding replacements for dropped or uncovered shifts, while respecting any union labor laws and requirements and ensuring your workforce doesn’t incur overtime.


New GIF Keyboard in the Employee App

Love GIFs? Get ready to Gif-ify your Beekeeper platform! We have enabled the use of GIF keyboards on your web and Android platforms. Install a GIF keyboard to visually enhance your responses in Beekeeper posts and chats.

Chat Markers in 1:1 and Group Messaging in Beekeeper

Chat markers help your workforce keep track of active chat conversations. When you enter a chat with messages that you haven’t read yet, the chat marker (a red arrow) will now appear by the last-read chat message. This saves time and avoids missed messages by directing you to read what was contributed since you were last active in the chat instead of needing to scroll through to find it.

Additional Functionalities

  • Chat with generic user over Navigation extensions (iOS)
  • Hungarian language inline translation (all platforms)
  • File upload button in chats (Android)
  • Show profile fields without a value (Android)
  • Request high-quality video from camera app when filming (Android)

Our number one goal is to make sure our customers are happy and using our employee app to its full extent. If you would like to see a new feature added, contact your Customer Success Manager. For more information about Beekeeper features and use cases, check out our Help Center. Stay tuned for next month’s product release notes!

Try Beekeeper to see how our award-winning employee app improves internal communication for your workforce.