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“Well-informed Employees are Essential.” Globus Switzerland, Beekeeper Customer

Globus, one of the largest retail companies in Switzerland with over 3,000 employees across 13 locations has been using the power of Beekeeper to connect and engage their massive workforce.

With a collective 90% of their workforce not receiving a corporate email address and thus not being able to connect to the companies intranet or receive updates Globus had a challenge on their hand. How do you connect and engage their diverse and spread out workforce? Globus unveiled GlobusInside a Beekeeper solution designed to connect and engage everyone inside their company.

“With Beekeeper, we can better understand what interests employees and what will get through to them. Thereby, we as management know how to communicate for something to actually be read.”

– M. Schlagehan, Manager, Globus Zurich

Take a look at how Globus uses Beekeeper in the video below and the Globus Case Study!

Learn more about how Beekeeper enables Globus to communicate efficiently and effectively. Submit the form below to download the full case study.