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The Importance of Being Where Your Customers Are and Speaking Their Language

To successfully position a brand, you’ll have to know not only what your company wants to achieve, but also who your customers are. You wouldn’t want to advertise a children’s toy in an old rerun of Columbo, so try not to make the same mistake on the internet.

Granted, on the internet it’s far less obvious where to reach out for your customers, this is why we at Beekeeper offer Social Business Solutions to create your own environment where your customers will be active, looking for your content.

To ensure that they can find your Community and stay active on it, we have expanded our services once more, with new languages and a newly designed embed widget.

Your Homepage Is Still the Main Attraction

Customers trying to find information about your company will comb through the classic channels. Facebook and Twitter will be a destination, but on top of the list is still your homepage and the results of a google search. Make sure you can provide them with the insights of your own community on these pages. The improved embed widget simplifies this task for you.

No programming know how is required to embed the new widget. Plus it offers all the functions of the community on the widget, making all activities of your community available in every environment you want to embed it. Redirecting users to the Community page won’t be necessary anymore. An innovation that is especially interesting for companies using Beekeeper Communities as an additional discussion forum tool.

A nice improvement is also that the embed widget now resizes automatically, maintaining the perfect proportions on the site it is embedded in, so that you won’t have to worry about the community fitting the chosen page.

Improve the Usability of Your Community

Even though English has established itself as the default language on the internet, there are still many users who haven’t caught up or never will on the – for them – foreign language. So try to focus on who your customers are. Do they speak English? If not, then try to match your communication to their language.

For this purpose we enlarged our default package of languages. It includes now English, German and French. All the controls of the community will be displayed in one of these three languages according to the user’s language settings on the browser. If the user happens to have another language set on his browser, the community commands will automatically be displayed in the language, you have chosen as the main language of your community.

More languages are ready to be included by request. This will guarantee that all your customers and internet users will know how to work your community and eliminate any blockers, so that they can maximize their activities.

Want to see a Beekeeper Community designed specifically for your company? Request a demo on our website.