5 Signs Your Employees Are Disengaged At Work

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Today employers spend approximately $720 million a year on improving employee engagement. Apparently, this hasn’t been very effective, if you consider that 70 percent of employees are disengaged at work.

One reason for this lack of effectiveness is disengaged employees are firstly hard to identify. Secondly it’s difficult to then re-engage them in their position. For example, it’s more likely that an employee who complains a lot is more engaged with their company than one that never asks questions at all and simply tries to blend in without being noticed.

To help get your disengaged employees to buy back into your company’s mission, here are five signs you can watch out for to prevent losing your most valuable assets — your people.

1. Employees Disengaged at Work: Preferring to Work Alone

While it’s true that some employees prefer to work independently, there is always a need for collaboration and teamwork in order to get major company-wide goals accomplished. If you’re employees are working on their own island they probably don’t feel a part of the team.

2. No Questions

Sure some people are more talkative than others, but employees that never ask questions probably feel like they are just taking marching orders and completing tasks. Often it’s not the loudest employees that are engaged, but the silent one’s that don’t feel they are valued.

3. The Office Gossip

Gossip is a sign that there is likely an issue that management hasn’t addressed yet that employees are speculating about. Those fanning these flames simply aren’t happy in their current position and are trying to get other to join their coalition.

4. It’s Not My Job

Those that are regularly trying to pass the buck or refuse to take responsibilities for their duties are clearly disengaged and looking to “get by” everyday without being an active part of the team.

5. Looking for Distractions

Employees that aren’t engaged at the office will look for any sort of distraction instead of doing work, from hanging out on social media to running errands or missing meetings. On the other hand, employees that are focused on their responsibilities show up and get tasks done.

One positive to take away from being able to identify disengaged employees is that they do not want to remain that way. Over half of all employees want to work in a more collaborative environment, but it is up to management to instill teamwork within the ranks. With new tools like Beekeeper’s enterprise mobile messaging software you can increase collaboration within your company and reduce the $500 billion in productivity losses companies experience every year from disengagement.

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