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5 Reasons You Can’t Ignore the Importance of Internal Communications

It’s no secret that the importance of internal communications is becoming very well-known in all types of businesses. Whether you employ non-desk workers around the world or run a small business, internal communication can no longer be ignored. Here’s why:

1. Information is Empowering

People have embraced communication wholeheartedly. Most people have multiple social media profiles, they rely on mobile technology, and they are constantly in touch with each other. It only makes sense to offer that same level of communication within your organization.

2. Information Overload is Real

Information is everywhere these days, but it isn’t always accurate. If employees don’t have access to the right information easily, they’ll look for it elsewhere and may find the wrong answer. Employees should be able to come to you or a reliable internal source first. Internal communication is becoming more important because it allows employees to have quick and easy access to crucial information.

3. Information Sharing is Crucial for the Importance of Internal Communication in an Organization

The workforce is evolving. Baby boomers are aging out of the workforce, and millennials are taking their place. Internal communication is essential to retaining the invaluable knowledge the older workforce has, as well as communicating that information to the younger generation coming in.

But more than that, the importance of internal communication in an organization is key, as it can help employees from different departments understand each other better. Knowing how the company works as a whole and how you fit into it is beneficial to everyone.

4. Employee Engagement is Increasingly Important

It’s much cheaper to retain your current employees than to find new ones, but with employee turnover rates on the rise it’s become difficult to retain employees.

Engaging your employees is a proven method to lowering turnover. We learned in 2015 that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave a company. And internal communications plays a key role in employee engagement.

5. Internal Communication Platforms are Becoming Digital Workplaces

Internal communication platforms are growing more powerful as their importance increases. In fact, many platforms are slowly becoming digital workplaces. (Digital workspaces are essentially the virtual equivalent to physical workspaces.) While digital workspaces may sound futuristic, they aren’t. They can actually benefit everyone.

It would be impossible to have employees around the world (or even a few floors away) working together virtually without quality internal communication, which is why internal communication platforms are the foundation of the digital workplace.

Implementing a good platform begins the process of creating an effective digital workplace.

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