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5 Fun Things You Can Do With Pin Boards Made Obsolete By Beekeeper

It might be hard to believe but many companies are still using pin boards to communicate internally. Beekeeper’s mission is to bring internal communication to the XXI century, so we declared war on pin boards. With Beekeeper, you can communicate with any employee in the world in the blink of an eye. Here are 5 things you can do with those pin boards that have been collecting dust in the supply closet.

1. Mail them to your closest competitor.

What is that saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? Why not do them a favor and send them some of your leftover pin boards so they can make use of them?
moving in moving out

2. Wear one as a hat!

With the temps heating up this summer why not use your leftover pin boards to protect you from the sun while commuting to and from work? Simply drill two holes in your board and add some string and you’ll be safe from those harmful UV rays.
odd things as hats

3. Use it as a flotation device.

For the weekend trip to the pool, bring along your extra pin boards instead of treading water. Although you might get some strange looks, be proud that you’ve make use of something that’s been laying around for years in the supply closet.

4. Tinder for a campfire.

If we’re going retro, we might as well go all the way back to our primitive ancestors. Take the old pin boards at your workplace and organize as a campfire—ghost stories are optional.

5. Save your city money by covering potholes.

With major cities across the world struggling to patch potholes, what better way to put those dusty pin boards to use than by covering up those pesky holes in our roads? Plan a company field trip to traverse your town covering up those tire flattening gaps.

Even though internal communications has thankfully gone digital, let’s be thankful we can still find uses for our analog relics of the past. At Beekeeper, we’re committed to helping your company connect with all your workers using the latest digital technology.

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