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4 Time-Saving Employee Engagement Tips

Time saving

When companies talk about improving employee engagement, a large-scale, time-consuming initiative usually follows. These initiatives are often kickstarted with grand campaigns based on directives for big changes from management.

For those who are wary of investing time and resources into improving employee engagement, there are much smaller actions you can take that can show immediate benefits and make your organization more efficient. These smaller experiments require fewer resources and also allow you to get more buy-in from skeptical managers. Here are five tips that can save you and your company time while increasing employee engagement.

1. Conduct A Pulse Survey

Getting feedback from a meaningful sample of employees can be time consuming and arduous. Most companies only do employee satisfaction surveys annually because of the time and manpower need to do them properly.

That’s why Beekeeper features pulse surveys, allowing you to get real-time feedback from your workers. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to ask important questions about your organization, you can get meaningful feedback as those questions arise, creating an invaluable feedback loop. Maybe you want to know how workers feel about a new company policy, or how a guest speaker was received, pulse surveys allow you to find out in a matter of hours. Pulse surveys keep your employees engaged, by making them feel heard and showing you value their feedback.

2. Broadcast Digital Town Halls

It is nearly impossible for executives to get quality face-to-face time with all their employees. If a CEO wanted to meet with every worker in his company he would never have time for anything else. But easy to use digital communication tools now allow executives to answer questions instantly from employees around the globe. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, regularly conducts global town halls on Facebook Live to answer his employees’ most pressing questions and get feedback that would be impossible to gather otherwise. Digital town halls are one of the best ways to facilitate a sense of connection between your workers and C-level executives in your company.

3. Make Employee Onboarding Paperless

From paperwork to training and benefits selection, a paperless onboarding process can save countless hours for new employees and your HR department. Filling out paperwork the old fashioned way is now seen as an annoyance by new hires. Plus, your HR department will thank you for freeing up their day for other critical tasks.

Beekeeper strongly believes in streamlined onboarding, which is why we’ve created an instant secure login feature, allowing new workers instant access to Beekeeper.

4. Crowdsource Ideas From Your Most Valuable Asset

Any company that is focused on improving employee engagement understands their workers are their most valuable asset. Nevertheless, workers are still underutilized today. Organizations now have the ability to acquire ideas from every person in their organization yet still primarily use top-down communication. But some innovative companies are tapping into the collective wisdom of their employees. Starbucks collected nearly 11,000 sustainability ideas from their employees and customers. They have since opened this crowdsourcing project for ideas to improve nearly every aspect of the company.

As you can see, employee engagement initiatives don’t have to be time-consuming campaigns. You can actually start with small experiments that actually save you and your employees’ time. Positive results from these experiments can then generate more support for bigger initiatives. It’s hard to argue against changes that make your workers happier, but also boost your company’s bottom line.

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