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3 Top Ways to Use HR Tech and the Benefits of Communication Technology

While all employees in the digital workforce love having the benefits of communication technology that come with their jobs, most don’t like dealing with them once they are in place. Unfortunately, all employees need to be aware and effectively manage their benefits at some point with HR tech. To keep it simple and easy for everyone, here’s how you can use mobile technology with team communication tools when discussing benefits with employees.

1. Send Automated Reminders to Smartphones

Chances are you will need to communicate something to your employees at some point through HR tech during the year, and there will likely be a deadline involved. This is especially true around enrollment time, when employees in the digital workforce must decide what benefits they want to keep or update. Instead of counting on your employees to remember those crucial deadlines, set up automated reminders through one of the best team communication tools. They can be sent directly to your employees’ phones, often as text messages or voice messages, and can be sent more than once. There’s no excuse for missing a deadline when you have multiple reminders coming to your phone, especially since most American adults use their smartphone on a daily basis.

2. Communicate with Out of Office Employees

It’s often easier to communicate with employees who work in house. You can call their office line, send them emails, have in-person meeting and so much more. But when employees work in the field it’s much harder. In addition to sending automated reminders to your digital workforce, you may be able to have these out-of-office employees handle all benefit communication from their phones. Some programs may even allow employees to enroll in benefits and manage their accounts from their mobile devices. That way they can have everything they need with them at all times, with no need mail in forms or pick up the phone.

3. Keep Everyone Informed – Using Technology to Communicate

While your out-of-office employees may benefit the most from mobile technologies, all your employees in the digital workforce will likely enjoy receiving benefits communication that way. In fact, your HR team may be able to save lots of time by providing quick and easy-to-access answers to the most common questions. You can up the production value of your FAQ’s by making short videos that can be accessed with a smartphone. This saves both your employees and your HR department valuable time and energy that can be better used on more important tasks. You can also allow your employees to save their log-in information in a secure app so HR doesn’t have to deal with the frequent “I forgot my password” issue.

There are so many ways to use a team app  when using using technology to communicate. If you’re just looking into it, start small and work your way up with HR tech. You don’t have to jump into a secure app right away. Start with the automated reminders and go from there. Your employees — and your HR team — will be grateful!

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