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3 Ways Companies Can Boost Their Internal Communication Logistics

Globalization and technology advances have made the internal communication logistics industry more competitive than ever. Big data has also enabled logistics companies to measure and analyze almost everything they do on a daily basis.

However, one common blind spot in logistics can be found in their internal communication. And given the fact that studies have shown good communication flow and devices to be crucial in the industry, it’s an area that companies can find big gains in quickly. Here are three ways logistics companies can improve their internal communication, and their bottom line.

1. Make Your Communication Social

McKinsey estimates that by implementing social technologies with their workers, companies have the opportunity to increase the productivity of workers by 20 to 25 percent. Even more, by using social media internally, companies can reduce the amount of time employees spend looking for company information by 35 percent. Those gains in both time and productivity provide immediate gains to the efficiency and speed at which logistics companies work

2. Don’t Fear Transparency, Embrace it

One of the biggest logistics companies in the world, UPS, recently created a second Twitter account just to celebrate their company and employee successes. With the handle @UPSers, the account not only is a PR machine for the company, it also recognizes and shares stories of great employees doing amazing things. What kind of influence do you think that has on their employees to do great work as well?

3. Go Mobile, or Be Left Behind

As smartphones have gotten more powerful and sophisticated, people have been responding by spending more and more time staring at them. Just like marketers do, you have to go where your people are, and increasingly that place is their phones.

With mobile apps, logistics companies can enable their employees to communicate and input data in real time, allowing managers to spot and resolve issues with increased efficiency. Irad Carmi, founder and chief technology officer at TOA Technologies, said of mobile apps, “Companies can use this data to forecast and predict activities and their potential impact on the supply chain.”

As you can see, without good internal communication systems in place, logistics companies are missing out big increases in operational efficiencies and employee engagement. By embracing new, proven communications technology, logistics companies increase the speed at which they work and distance themselves from their less innovative competitors.

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