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3 Reasons Your Construction Company Needs a Mobile Communication Construction Tool

Communication within construction companies can be difficult to manage due to the very nature of their work. Employees rarely visit the company’s headquarters; instead, they spend the majority of their time on-location at construction sites. Each site has a small office for management, but it’s impossible to communicate with all employees at once. Or it used to be, anyway, before communication construction tools came on the scene.

Progressive construction companies are implementing mobile communication tools like Beekeeper to improve their internal communication and increase engagement between management and job sites. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a more robust communication platform for everyone in your construction company.

1. Communication in Construction: Targeted Communication Increases Worker Productivity

Construction companies have been using a variety of mobile apps for years now, but they don’t always see an increase in productivity with communication in construction. That’s often because the employees feel inundated with information and options. They receive a huge amount of emails and texts that aren’t specific as to which project the message is referencing. Disorganized messaging keeps construction workers from accurately completing assigned tasks due to misunderstandings or confusing information.

A mobile engagement app like Beekeeper solves that problem. When a centralized employee hub is the primary form of communication, it’s easy for employees to track conversation threads and understand the message delivered. Managers can also use the platform to check for understanding and receive questions and feedback, in real time, from the project site. That means work will be done right the first time. It also means job site workers know exactly where to go to find the information they need immediately, saving precious time.

2. Internal Construction Communication Tools Benefit Your Bottom Line

One study shows that poor construction communication consumes up to 50% of an employee’s time. Implementing an effective employee communication tool can reduce construction costs by solving for the time suck created by poor communication. With more time to focus on the task at hand, jobs are completed in less time, allowing for a larger flow of projects at any given moment. More projects = more revenue.

In addition to solving the communication barrier between employees and management, mobile apps also make it easier to find the vital information needed for a project, like repair manuals or company best practices for installations. Every year, an astonishing $1.7 billion is spent communicating with employees via outdated tools like physical paper forms. Using a mobile communication app has the potential to save time and money by storing by storing the information your employees need in the palms of their hands.

3. Employee Engagement Apps for Construction Communication Help Create a Safer Work Environment

Two-way mobile communication guarantees employees have easy access to important safety information, including emergency and crisis communication. Employees can quickly pull up information instead of having to search for a manual or call for help, which in certain emergency situations can be a matter of life and death.

Mobile communication also allows employees to report incidents quickly, giving management an accurate and immediate insight into workplace safety. It also gives employees a convenient way to offer safety feedback to both their colleagues and managers. For example, this tool empowers employees to notify colleagues when they are operating machinery unsafely, feedback which 90% of employees believe they should be offering, but in reality only 60% practice.

If your company is still relying on paper forms, email or text messaging to communicate with your job sites, it’s time to upgrade to a mobile communication platform like Beekeeper. Empower your employees to work better together, and your bottom line will thank you too.

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