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3 Reasons Why Millennials Love Beekeeper

Some call them the Millennial Generation, while others refer to them as the Generation Y, but they’re most commonly known as just Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials share characteristics that reshape the way we connect personally and professionally, including tech savviness and daily online social interaction. Let’s explore in more detail why millennials enjoy and demand mobile and engaging communication tools like Beekeeper.

Digital natives

Millennials are not only familiar with modern technology, they were born with it. They already use mobile apps to track the next place where they will eat, dance, or shop based on peer reviews. Beekeeper gives them a platform where they can interact similarly within their job. They can comfortably share thoughts and feelings with other team members, or openly provide feedback to managers. And let’s not forget, millennials’ affinity for mobile technology helps them adjust readily to new programs and welcome bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies.

Always connected

According to Entrepreneur millennials spend 18 hours a day consuming media (e.g. YouTube, Twitter and TV) and 71% of them engage with social media daily. This generation grew up in an increasingly online and socially-networked world and they are constantly interacting with peers and colleagues using mobile platforms. Again, Beekeeper brings a new tool that aligns with the current communication culture of millennials.

Seeking difference

For millennials, jobs aren’t just for the salary; they’re a means of making a difference in the world. For millennials, being part of a team and contributing to a big goal is really important in the professional arena. Beekeeper provides a communication platform that allows users to engage with team members using employee recognition programs and sharing success stories. Providing an engaging environment is essential for attracting and retaining the very best workforce.

Millennials have begun to reach their prime working years and are becoming an important proportion of the world’s workforce. In the US alone, this generation is the largest in history, with 92 million individuals (20 percent more than baby boomers). This a generation has grown up connected, so companies need to be present and interact in a way they hadn’t before. Beekeeper can fit that gap that traditional (and sometimes obsolete) communication tools can’t fill with an innovative approach that fits the characteristics of a new workforce generation.

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