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Partnering with Beekeeper

Our mission is to connect the unconnected. Our open API is a great opportunity for you to build something that will positively impact the lives of frontline workers. Connect your software to Beekeeper and expand your customer base.

Build Amazing Workplace Apps in 3 Simple Steps

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Sign up to request free access to our API, and our team will reach out to you to provide everything you need.

Step 2 – Start Coding

Once you receive your Beekeeper platform, you’re ready to start building and testing your very own Beekeeper integration.

Step 3 – Launch and Share!

After the integration is live in our Marketplace, we will help you spread the word to get our customers using your software.

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Code that connects people

Gain a wide audience for your software by developing a custom Beekeeper integration for a growing frontline workforce. Build that communication or team collaboration integration you’ve always wanted and claim a spot in the Beekeeper Marketplace!

Watch Your Code Go Global

Over 500 companies across 130 countries use Beekeeper. Get instant access to a global user base.

Connect Across Industries

Broaden your horizons with access to users in almost every industry from hospitality, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, construction, and many more.

Create Compelling, Collaborative Software

Build software solutions that make a difference. Develop apps that connect people in a meaningful, productive way.